Join First United’s new Community Giving Program and join hundreds of others who are helping provide sanctuary in the heart of our city. Whether you’re an individual, a business, funder, or Communities of Faith, we have a giving program for you to join, that we are proud to recognize you as part of.

Only about 50% of our revenue comes from our donors. To continue meeting the survival-needs of those who call the Downtown Eastside home, advocating for justice, and providing spiritual care to those who seek it, we need your help today. Please, join our Community Giving Program and help create a neighbourhood where everybody can thrive.

Community Donors

For individuals looking to make a difference through a personal contribution, join our Community Donors. Whether through a one-time or a monthly donation, you can join our largest and most diverse group of supporters and know that you’re ensuring First United can continue it’s mission-driven work each and every day.

Community Partners

We value and cherish our corporate partners who want to give back to their community and make an impact through philanthropy. When your business supports First, you’re not only making a difference in the community, we also have a variety of employee engagement, recognition, and additional benefits to meet your needs.


Community Funders

Our partners at foundations and within government are key to making our programs and services possible and achieving our vision of a neighbourhood where every person’s worth is celebrated and all people thrive. Community Funders are instrumental to helping us provide essential services, community connection, and healing to those who seek it in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Communities of Faith

From across BC and Canada, Communities of Faith help us provide sanctuary in the heart of our city, offer pastoral care to an oppressed community, and meet our community member’s needs without judgement or expectation. We welcome communities to support First United’s essential work and through the Communities of Faith program can offer your congregants unique engagement opportunities.