Seasonal Needs

At this time of year, the men and women of the Downtown Eastside are feeling the cold and wet weather of a west coast springtime.

Download List of Urgent Needs

Thrift Store & Emergency Clothing

The Thrift Store is a vital resource hub, for both First United and the wider neighbourhood. It provides a welcoming place for low-income people to have the empowering experience of selecting and purchasing affordable clothing and items that appeal to their personal tastes and needs.

The Thrift Store is where we sort, process and store all non-food donations. Most clothing and toiletries are received at the Thrift Store, then distributed through our Reception, Emergency Clothing and Shelter programs. A limited number of items are sold at low-cost through the Thrift Store.

We strongly encourage supporters to drop off items directly to the Thrift Store at 340 East Hastings. You can unload in front of the  store between 10AM and 2PM on weekdays (until 6PM if you don’t  need the loading zone).

If your donation is more than three garbage bags in size, or if you need to drop off your donation outside the hours listed above, please contact Jerri Morrick, Operations Manager at 604-700-7385. She would be delighted to help with all aspects of making a delivery.

Download List of Needed Clothing/Household Items


First United relies on the donation of new and unopened beauty and hygiene supplies for use in a variety of programs, including shelter, hospitality, footcare and women’s Beauty Night.

Download List of Needed Health/Hygiene Items

Food Supplies and Groceries

Every week, First United serves thousands of meals to people who otherwise would not have access to healthy, fortifying food. To make our food programs possible, we rely on donations of groceries and other kitchen supplies from local businesses and individuals.

Download List of Kitchen Needs


Looking for a fun activity that lets you give back to your community? First United relies on donated sandwiches for evening community snacks, packed lunches for working shelter residents and to augment other program needs.

Download Our Sandwichmakers Guide

To learn more about sandwichmaking, contact Natalie Lanoville, Resource Development Manager, at 604-681-8365 ext. 104.

Other Supplies

For miscellaneous supplies and items necessary for our ongoing work, First United maintains a Wishlist on Amazon. This makes it easy for you to donate the supplies needed most in our community.

Due to the unique needs of the community we serve, as well as storage limitations, we can only accept items of use to our community. If you are unsure whether or not your donation will be useful or appropriate, please contact Jerri Morrick, Operations Manager, at 604-700-7385.