Help us raise $12,000 for our meal program at First United this holiday season!

Our holiday program continues to bring healthy and delicious meals while we celebrate the spirit of the season together. You can choose to sponsor a breakfast, a lunch, or both. Celebrate the spirit of the season, practice gratitude, and give back to your local community all at the same time. Our 12 Days of Christmas meal sponsorship campaign provides 12 days of seasonal breakfasts and lunches for our community members on the Downtown Eastside. $1000 provides breakfast and lunch for up to 200 people. You may also choose to sponsor only breakfast ($400) or only lunch ($600).

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Email meals@firstunited.ca for more info and to reserve your spot today.

"First United was wonderful to work with during our sponsorship of the 12 Days of Christmas Campaign, and we have been delighted to continue our relationship. It is so rewarding to see the direct impact of our contributions, and our employees have truly valued the opportunity to serve meals and connect with the Downtown Eastside community."
- Odlum Brown Limited


Are you looking for a way to boost corporate citizenship, engage in team building, celebrate a birthday or special event, or simply make a donation to our meals program at First United? Anyone can sign up as a meal sponsor – businesses, community groups, families, and individuals are all welcome to sponsor a meal. Included in sponsorship price is a donation to help feed up to 200 people as well as the option to join us in serving it! Email meals@firstunited.ca for info.

$400 - Breakfast
$600- Lunch


• Logo signage and acknowledgement (if desired)
• Social media photographs and promotion
• Team-Building
• Full meal service experience
• Debriefing session

“Lotus Terminals has sponsored and volunteered at First United Church meals almost a dozen times. We have only ever received positive feedback from the over 50 staff and family members that have participated over the years. In addition to being a great team building exercise, we all feel as though our time and resources are really making a difference in the lives of people that need help. Donating time and resources to First United’s meal sponsorship program is one of the most tangible and fulfilling ways to give back to our community” 

-Lotus Terminals Ltd.


First United provides three meals per day, every day, for our 60 shelter residents. In addition, we offer breakfast and lunch, Monday - Friday, for up to 200 community members.

The meal program at First United allows supporters to sponsor one meal or make a donation to sustain our ongoing program.


Meal sponsorship is the perfect way to build your team's corporate responsibility. It is also a great opportunity for family, friend, or church groups to serve the community in a meaningful way. It is the ultimate expression of shared values and service.

When you sponsor a meal, you make a real difference and generate opportunities for increased health and stability for local community members on the Downtown Eastside. Your donation supports the operation of this important program and includes the option to come out and serve the meal. Together, we can meet the needs of individuals and build a neighbourhood where everyone can thrive.

For more information on the sponsor a meal program, please read the descriptions below for donation amounts. You can also visit our Donate page to give the gift of a meal or email meals@firstunited.ca for any inquiries.


We would like to thank our meal program supporters, The Greater Vancouver Food Bank for their in-kind support and The Face the World Foundation.

greater vancouver food bank     

We would also like to thank each of our meal sponsors:

Canadian Memorial United Church, The Hare Krishna Food for Life Group, The Indo-Africa Charitable Society, Odlum Brown Ltd., Open Hearts, Helping Hands - Seventh Day Adventists, Peace Meal, Richmond Steel Recycling Ltd., Robert Allan Ltd., St. David's United Church - West Vancouver, Shaughnessy Heights United Church, Those Guys, Wells Fargo, and Wolridge Mahon Chartered Professional Accountants LLP.

Finally, we extend our thanks to all of our United Church congregation meal partners throughout Metro Vancouver.

To Our Loyal Sandwich Groups,

We are in the process of phasing out sandwiches as a meal option. Our meal program goal is to provide nutritious, safe, and appetizing food to our clients. Since we no longer freeze sandwiches, we are unable to store them safely.
If you haven't already heard from us, we look forward to speaking with you soon to discuss these changes.
We wish to thank all the wonderful groups who have donated sandwiches over the years. We encourage anyone who wishes to donate food to consider a meal sponsorship instead. Anyone can sign up as a meal sponsor – businesses, community groups, families, and individuals are all welcome to sponsor a meal. Included in sponsorship price is the option to join us in serving it!