Community Ministry

Community Ministry

At First United, we believe Jesus, as a model of abundant love and acceptance, would welcome and affirm all people without exception. All people, from all walks of life, are affirmed and celebrated, just as they are, without judgement or expectation.


An opportunity to gather in community every week for support in a safe place, share a meal, and to explore how we find hope in our lives. The discussion follows wherever the Spirit leads. Everyone – of all faith (or no faith!) backgrounds – is warmly welcomed.

Wednesday 6:30 to 8:00pm, everyone welcome, includes dinner, candle lighting ritual, and prayers


Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning, the door of the chapel is open to gather with others with a spiritual grounding, share your story and listen to others. Here, we ponder the possibility of an authentic life within Christ’s command to: “Love your neighbour as yourself and your God above all else”. In the midst of our daily struggles and the turmoil of life in the Downtown Eastside, this daily blessing is an invigorating and fortifying gift.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9:00 to 10:00 am, everyone welcome.


Reverend Jim is available during the day for community members, volunteers and staff, helping people work through what weighs heavy on their hearts. He also conducts services and ceremonies around significant life passages. He works in collaboration with other faith and social justice leaders on community events and issues of justice and compassion.

Appointments by request.


Sometimes, the greatest gift is to be heard. Volunteers in the Listening Ministry are here to be present with community members and gently offer their kind presence. They do not offer solutions. They do not seek to fix anyone. They simply listen, without judgment or expectation. It is an abundant gift in a church known as a sanctuary and a safe place.

Appointments by request.