Meal Program

Meal Program

Hot and healthy meals are essential year-round, and for decades we’ve been on hand to make them available to people who need them most. Each year, our kitchen team delivers 150,000 healthy and tasty meals for Downtown Eastside community members. These are more than just meals, though. These daily rituals offer community the opportunity to meet with friends and neighbours, connect with First United staff, and, importantly, serve as a helpful, convenient entry point to our additional programs and services.

In the afternoons, the meal program teams up with the drop-in, supplying a “tea time” service to support the afternoon’s social programming. Whether it’s a few rounds of karaoke, a movie projected on our massive kitchen wall, or a rousing game of cards, afternoon programming aims to introduce a bit of playfulness into what are otherwise long, hard days for many.

Want to support the meal program?

Team up with your friends, family, congregation or office to sponsor a special meal for approximately 200 community members. Breakfast sponsorships are $400 and lunch sponsorships are $600. If you opt for a lunch sponsorship, you and up to 7 people can come down to help plate, serve, and clean-up on the weekday of your choosing. For more details, click here.

Please note that due to COVID-19 safety and restrictions, we can’t currently facilitate donors and volunteers serving sponsored meals.