The Hub

The Hub, formerly known as our reception area, is the gateway not only to accessing our services but to the friendly face First United prides itself on being known for. It is the touchstone of our organization and makes our essential day programming available to the deserving community that we serve.

The Hub offers a wide scope of services; from handing out personal items and essentials like toiletries and clothing, The Hub offers a mail service as well as tax and advocacy programs. These small luxuries are things we all take for granted but can make all the difference for someone trying to collect assistance, access government services, acquire housing, or look for employment.

However, what the Hub offers most is an unwavering presence in the community; creating a sense of constancy in an ever changing and volatile environment. We get to know each of our community members individually and treat their cases based on their unique needs; offering hope, respect, inclusion and acceptance in conjunction with practical services.


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