For street-involved people, our storage facility can be the first step off the streets. Through the mobility it affords, people are able to stabilize their lives, restore trust, build relationships, connect with other services, attend trainings and interviews, and even go to work. It is a simple yet transformative service for people in need in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

The facility offers 200 units of storage for people living on the streets or in insecure housing. It is the only program of its kind in Vancouver and is available seven days a week, both morning and evening. To find out more, please call 604-619-5242.

We extend a special thank you to Hockey Helps the Homeless – Vancouver, who have generously supported our Storage Program over the years. Thanks to their organization, we are able to keep this important program going strong!

This year, we were featured in the annual Hockey Helps the Homeless fundraiser video! Click play below to watch.

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