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Privacy Policy

For those we serve

We have utmost respect for the privacy and confidentiality of those who use our services. The privacy of all those who access services at First United is respected and protected, in accordance with provincial legal and service delivery standards. We are committed in all areas of our work to live out our values of dignity and empowerment, and this is reflected in our photography and story-gathering policies. All community members whose stories or images are featured in our publications have given their express permission through a signed release for First United to share their likeness and story.

For donors and those accessing this website

When you browse this site, your personal data stays secure and confidential. When you donate via firstunited.ca’s online donation system, your data is encrypted and transferred over a secure network using industry-standard security technology. We never sell or lend your personal data.
If you ever wish to be removed from our mailing list, or adjust the volume of mail you receive, we will do so immediately. Please email [email protected] or phone 604-336-3047. Please note, in some (rare) instances it may take up to 8 weeks for communications to cease entirely.

Privacy Policy

Social Media Moderation 

In addition to sharing organization updates, news, and fundraising, First United’s social media presence and public communications serve to uphold dignity and compassion for those who live in the Downtown Eastside, or who experience poverty or marginalization. As such, First United moderates public discussion on its posts. First United believes in free speech and values discourse, but will hide or delete comments that: 

  • Contain hate speech; 
  • Perpetuate harmful and stigmatizing stereotypes; 
  • Are intentionally misleading by providing false information; 
  • Harasses other users, staff, or community members; 
  • Contain spam or advertising; or 
  • Campaign for political parties, candidates, or politicians. 

Comments will be deleted or hidden, and individuals may be blocked from engaging with our channels.