Toast Talks: March 2022

Date 21 Mar, 2022

Toast Talks are a series of information sessions during which members of the FIRST UNITED team offer updates, insights, and information about our work to our communities of faith, volunteers, donors, stakeholders, and friends. To make sure you never miss out on invitations to Toast Talks, subscribe to our emails.

On March 17th, almost one year to day since our first Toast Talks, we virtually gathered to look back on our 2020-2021 fiscal year! Executive Director Camren Lansdowne walked attendees through highlights and accomplishments of the latest Annual Report, and we heard from long-time First United Case Planner Stephanie Kallstrom about what working the frontlines in the Downtown Eastside is like.

Plus, we were able to share a few big pieces of news including our Imagine Canada accreditation and information about staff changes. Watch the recording below!

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